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A degree from a Canadian university is recognized world-wide and as a result, international students who graduate from Canadian universities enjoy successful and prosperous careers. For the past several years, a United Nations survey has found Canada to be the best place in the world to live and study.


Ireland has a long and honorable tradition in education. Students are allowed to work part-time while studying. Tuition and living expenses are lower than those in the UK. It is an English speaking country and it has an Education System which is recognized by many countries. And it is convenient to travel to other EU countries from the Ireland.


Australia is known globally as one of the world’s most diverse and welcoming countries.

Of Australia’s 24 million population, almost half (47%) of all Australians were either born overseas or have one parent born overseas, with more than 260 languages spoken in Australian homes. In addition to English, the most common are Mandarin, Italian, Arabic, Cantonese and Greek.

United Kingdom

British higher and further education provides value for money by offering shorter, more intensive courses than are available in many other countries, thereby reducing living expenses and time spent away from home. You’ll get a world-class qualification. The UK has numerous of higher education opportunities to offer students in 100 plus universities offering various degree programs for students from the UK and rest of the world. This makes competition for places very fierce and so it is advised to apply early for courses.
In the UK most undergraduate degree programs completed in 3 years and it takes 1 year to complete the postgraduate programs.


American education means excellence by choice. USA is the only country where a person works by choice, studies by choice and not by compulsion. Students from every corner of the world come to USA for studies simply because USA education prepares them for and promises a bright future. We invite you to explore your options for higher studies in the land of opportunities.


Chinese higher education has seen a dramatic change in the last 20 years. China’s overall educational level is increasing: the number of Chinese holding Bachelor’s degrees has multiplied by five since educational reforms began in the 1990s. Chinese medical programs offer high-quality instruction and are an attractive low-cost alternative to the high price of medical schools in many other countries. The government is in the process of growing a number of China’s key universities into world-class centers of education and research.


Malaysia, located in South East Asia, is a testimony to the world of what it is able to offer academically, socially, ethnically, culturally and in every other aspect of life to make the stay of any international student worth their time, money and effort. It is a fascinating and enchanting nation


Government policy as regards to higher education aims to fulfill the local needs for higher education and to establish Cyprus as a regional educational and research centre, a hub for international scholars and students alike. The higher education system in Cyprus is shaped by the European Higher Education Area as outlined by the Bologna Process. Higher Education in Cyprus consists of the public and private institutions of Higher Education at University and non-University level.