The same update also unlocked frame rates for UWP games. You can read more about whatFreesync, G-Sync and unlocked frame ratesmean for Windows 10 on our sister site, Extreme Tech. You get a surprisingly full kit of apps with Windows 10.

In incognito mode, your IP address is still visible, but that doesn’t mean you’re completely exposed. Browsing incognito is still worth it if you know how to use it to its full advantage. People browse in incognito mode when they don’t want their search or browsing history saved to their device. A VPN helps you get around content blocks and geo restrictions and ensures your online activity isn’t traced back to you.

Hexnode Windows Kiosk Mode Features

Using these keyboard shortcuts, you can easily capture the screen. However, if you want to capture the active window, rectangular region, or edit the captured screen, then? This is when TweakShot, one of the best screen capturing tools, comes in handy. The Game Bar lets users capture the screen, record, and even broadcast it with others.

  • Remember that images don’t include annotations you’ve inserted into them.
  • Click… and select the video you wish to use from your local storage.
  • AirPods are designed to seamlessly work with iPhones and other Apple devices.

If your PC says Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro, then you’re already running the full OS. Move your mouse to the right of the window and a scroll bar appears (don’t ask us why Microsoft hides this). Scroll down until you see “Windows specifications appear”. To find out whether your laptop is running Windows 10 in S mode, tap in the Search box and then type “about”. Now, click the “Get” button under the “Switch out of S Mode” section, and after completing the process, you will be out of Windows 10 S mode.


The Calendar includes color-coding for event categories, public calendar subscriptions for shows and sports, and cards for deliveries and travel reservations. The cards for travel reservations even have links to online check-in services. Unfortunately, you still cannot create mailing groups in Mail or People and cannot export contacts from the People app. The included Mail app is getting smarter, with things like Focused Inbox.

What Is Tiny10 Lightweight Windows And How To Install It

Instead of capturing the whole desktop and all opened apps, this method captures only the currently active window. The other options include MODE tool which is basically a shape selector. The last options give a pen tool for extra information or to just doodle. The snipping tool provides a variety of extra features, including the ability to alter modes. You may cut in three other styles in addition to the basic rectangular snip. You can capture in any shape or form with free-form snipping.

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